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Happy Fall! Leona is 6 months old!


Not everything people tell you about raising a baby will apply to you. Honestly most of it may be completely opposite of what you're experiencing or what someone else said. One thing everyone told us, I mean everyone, is that at 6 months, things get really really good. The baby chub is rollin. They start having giggle fests and playing. I mean this girl pulls the blanket up on her own for peek a boo now. Leona has developed such a personality, she brightens every moment, even when she's melting down you can see her two new pearly whites gleaming and you can't help but hide a little smile while handling the code red.


While I have loads of photos from this fabulous month, we had the pleasure of getting a pro to document us. ALL of us. Pretty exciting to be able to not only have pictures of Leo but also of our family of THREE! 6 months in and we're smiling more each day :)


Also, is it just me or does it feel like when you have baby that there was never a time they weren't a part of your life? I feel like, 6 months? Only 6 months? I like it.

So here is picture overload, I tried to just pick a few but I love them all so much! Even a couple of the blurry ones made the cut, because they just feel so real to how life is right now :)




















































































Tidbits about Leona at 6 months

  • You weigh almost 19lbs
  • You are SO giggly and chatty (beaming with pride over here with your decision to start off talking with MAMA!)
  • You've been working very hard to get mobile. Currently you can go backwards.
  • At the beginning of 6 months you were still not into rolling over from your back but now you're rolling all over the place.
  • Teeth! Oh the teeth! They were tiny numbs at your 6 month appointment and then bam! Sharp little guys too.
  • Speaking of teeth you're totally into food now. Well avacado mainly but you give other foods a fair shot. And you still nurse like a champ, in fact... So well that you completely won't drink stored breastmilk from a bottle anymore. That's a challenge.
  • Sleeping, still a battle but it's getting better. We have accepted that you will want to be swaddled until it's simply impossible and that's helped. And you like a lot of noise, if it's quiet you're not sleeping except if we're sleeping next to you, then none of the above apply.
  • So many rolls.
  • Squealing and clapping!
  • Spit bubble blowing is your fav trick thus far in life.
  • You're feet are still one of your favorite toys! You've started noticing the screens in the house though so we're about to go on lock down. Sorry little mama, we're the parents who aren't allowing you to play with touch screens until you're much much older. We just don't feel it's appropriate or the right way for you to learn the basics of life.
  • You feel so grown up but when you're sleeping you're still like our teeny tiny infant. You smile in your sleep and suck your bottom lip in and it's difficult not to eat you up.
  • You get well over 500 kisses a day.


On the move but holding steady


One thing our lives are not lacking is movement. Though I must say I should probably be moving my body a little more for my healths sake. Hopefully soon we will be able to stop moving cities all of ther time, but luckily, that does involve some excercise. Truly though, we have been through the ringer this past year. Thus, I have fallen behind on my documenting so expect a few catch up posts on Leona's milestones and some lovely flashback posts, which have already made me teary eyed just from looking through the photos for them.

Our little Leona is growing so fast. Everyone told us this would happen, but oh my, sometimes you wake up and look over at the sweet sleeping baby next you and realize you missed her growing up in just hours. They literally change by the hour sometimes, its unreal. It's completely magical. Despite all of the things that have gone amiss, I look at her and feel full and not broken. Now add in Will holding her and bam, heart melted, filled up, perfection. It's the sort of happiness you want to wrap yourself up in. It's the best part of the movie. In all honesty, it's terrifying sometimes. You never want it to go away so you spend all of your time trying to keep it and fix tiny problems, stay healthy, keep it together. By you, I obviously mean, me. So that's what I'm working on. Learning to just accept it and savor it. Not to let the rest of the fears and what ifs break this good thing down. I could give a list of a bunch of things that have gone wrong, things that are lingering abd scaring me about my body and health after such a hard pregnancy, the fact that we keep having to move, but you know what, I'm not going to. Postpartum anxiety and all of that mumbo jumbo, I'm not letting you win. 

I am happy and so madly in love with this family we have created. I'm not letting go of it. 



*magic moments from her first days earthside* 

More recent photos to come :)



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