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Hi, I'm Chelsea!

Or, as my husband Will calls me, Chelz.
I honestly was not a fan of the z but he likes it and one day I woke up liked it too. 

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Our story is a little like that, we were friends for many a years before we started dating and one day we woke up and realized what was right in front of us, love. There hasn't been a moment since the day we decided to be together that we looked back. We started a new chapter in our lives and its been wonderful. Not to say life hasn't thrown us a wide variety of challenges since then, but we are truly lucky to have each other when things go awry. 

The Brim was born out of my desire to create a space of beauty where you (and I!) can find that little bit of joy everyday that makes you realize your life is actually overflowing with more happiness and love than tough stuff. Because it is, you just have to choose to find it. 

I believe in being real, especially in blogging, so here some honest to goodness raw truth about me. For a large portion of my life I have dealt with severe anxiety/hypochondria/ocd. The titles don't  really matter because we all have our own set of problems. These things have had many an opportunity to completely shut down my happiness, but instead I have chosen to see what these things can do to make me happy instead. I know there are lots of others dealing with these things and it is truly about working daily to move past it and find your joy. 

How have I done that? Well I've started my own little styling company since I love to make things pretty. I try to get my hands onto as many creative projects as possible and in the between I try to cook good food and do good things for my body. I also like ice cream and lots of hugs/kisses/jokes with my husband. He is a designer and creator of all things awesome so we mesh pretty well on our daily journey of joy. 

And now, well right now I am growing a babe who is due to join us on April 17th, 2013. It has been my biggest challenge yet. I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum and SPD and a wide variety of fun pregnancy complications but this little lady is so loved. She is going to add a whole new element to our days and I cannot wait to see what it is! She's probably our best creative project yet :) 

Life is short y'all. Lets make it a party. A real pretty one too. 
I'm here for joy. Straight up joy. I'm going to fill my life to the brim with it and hope it overflows. I'm a little bit sassy and a little bit shy. Also a bit messy. I am a wife and momma to a sweet little lady Leona, 2 crazy cats and a pup. I make things and style things, like parties, treats, pictures, houses and…babies! Thanks for stopping in. I can't wait to meet you!

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