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Quarter of a Year Party


This past Sunday we took Leona's 6 month pictures and our little fall family ones, but I figure I need to give some good credit to us, the parents who threw their baby a 3 month birthday party after having to unexpectedly uproot and move cities when she was not even 2 months old...before I skip ahead to this fall.


With all of the chaos, there needed to be some celebrating going on. We have what we believe to be the best baby ( no bias of course). Ever. Now that we were back in Houston with a lot of our friends and family we welcomed them all over to revel in her adorableness and hang out in our new home with treats and drinks and as much fun as we could fit in. It was a celebration for all of us. We had all survived the crazy 1st quarter we were dealt. Hooray!


1stcandleleona's first candle experience

Center of the party!

Cousin love.

Partygirl_leoThe party girl.

PhotoboothPhotobooth fun with our favs!


The Gggggggg's.
Bonham_simoneNew friends!

2nd wind of party. Moments after this there may have been some Cards Against Humanity played. Promise it stayed low key :)

Our lady love. The happiest babe we know :) We love you Leona!



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