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Your first month was just perfect. All of the scary stories people told us about how difficult the first weeks at home with a newborn, well, those weren't true of you at all. We slept more, smiled more, and loved more than we ever had. Especially me since I was finally able to eat a meal without being sick and my big wiggly baby in my belly was finally snuggled up with me. No hard feelings on the sickness, doll. 




After your family and new friends headed home, we spent your 2nd 24 hours hunkered down in our cozy apartment. Surrounded by all of the new that comes with a newborn: schedules, swings, swaddles, and dampness. The last one is so true, when you become a mom you will understand. 




We decided instead of having people come stay with us that we wanted to just get used to our newly expanded family. It may seem that the jump from 2 to 3 is small, but it's truly a new dynamic. Luckily for your parents, the moment you were born, our hearts quadrupled in size, leaving so much space for love that even the big change couldn't hold us down. 








You were such a contented newborn, even though you had just moved out of your comfy home you rarely put up a fuss. We also are very lucky ladies, you and I. Your dad didn't miss a beat. From the moment he helped me out of the jacuzzi where I birthed you, he assumed the rold of Dad. You should always be grateful for this. He showered us with love and smiles and so much support. Not a day went by (and it still doesn't) where he didn't express his gratitude and happiness for us. This Dad of yours even made me spinach almond risotto from scratch when you were 4 days old, not to mention all of the daily juicing and helping me walk and changing your diapers and snuggles for both of us. I'm still blown away with how lucky we really are.






We did have one tough night. You see, we're night owls, always have been. We were under the assumption (cough cough everyone told us it would DEFINITELY be this way) that babies would want to go to sleep early. You did a lot of sleeping but we noticed you didn't like to officially go to bed until later in the evening, much later. So one night we decided to give 10:30 bedtime a try. We all got ready for bed, swaddled you up and put on our favorite movie Away We Go. Within 15 min of laying you down you had the biggest meltdown. I mean it was bad, we tried everything. I ended up having to sleep sitting in a chair in the kithchen with the vent hood on. Thats really our only war story with you, thanks Leona!



So here are a few tid bits about your first weeks, you:

  • Vocalized your hatred of the co-sleeper within your 1st week and hopped in bed with us. We full support co-sleeping now.
  • Adored your little lamb swing.
  • Nursed like a champ. I did need a sheild in the first two weeks, luckily we got past that. You actually didn't even lose weight, instead you had gained almost a pound by 2 weeks old!
  • Discovered the joy of a bath. 
  • Subsequently discovered the joy of dry skin and baby acne. (sorry gal)
  • Slept A LOT. I'm talking sleep 4-6 hours and wake up for  20 min then back asleep. 
  • Were too small for your Charlie Banana cloth diapers so we used Honest Company for 3 wks.
  • Celebrated your first Cinco de Mayo, your parents 1st wedding anniversary, and took a road trip to Houston for my 1st Mother's Day.

All I can say is get it girl. Get it. 


 Your Mama

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