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Leona goes to the zoo...boo!


On the way to the zoo I filled up with giddy excitement. You can ask Will, I could not contain myself! This. This was a moment. One of the moments you imagine while rubbing your big ol' pregnant belly. It was our 1st family outing to the zoo. It did not dissapoint us one bit. Leona had the best time despite being a mere 6 months old, she was genuinely amazed and intrigued. 


We had a few classic hiccups. No parking. Lots of driving in circles with a restless backseat passenger. the cool breeze had breezed its way out by the time we arrived and holy moly the zoo was more expensive than we expected. The day was laced with a couple of typical baby surprises including, but not limited to, a poop explosion by the sloths. And oh my the people watching was superb (I'm sure others thought the same of us.) 




Leona's eyes were wide looking at the animals once she noticed them past the groups of little childern in costumes for the trick or treating at each exhibit. Her favorite animal was the otter. He was splish splashing. I assume she felt they were kindred spirits and this girl is no stranger to a good splish splash. 





She didn't cry even onces. She let us put her in  silly hat and pose her for endless photos. Lots of kisses from mom and dad and eventually she fell asleep on my shoulder once we had come full circle at the zoo. 




Zoo Boo, you didn't suck at all. Thanks for making our moment magical.





*Here are some tips we learned:          

  • Make sure you go with a partner. Passing the baby back and forth was key. She stayed engaged and we stayed unsweaty and kept our arm strength.
  • Bring a drink for yourself. They are way overpriced there and its a whole lotta walking. Hydrate!
  • Get a zoo membership! Apparently they are only a bit more than one entry ticket and gets  you 1 year of fun!     
  • Plan some photo ops ahead. It will keep you from having a lot of the same shot which happens with a baby very easily. 
  • Look at everything through the eyes of your little one :) Really makes it magical! Us grown-ups are all a little desensitized, it always good to take a step back and be present.                  
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