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Domesticating Vol. 1


Truth. Sometimes (most of the time) I have hard time doing it all when it comes to keeping up the household and prim and properness. Don't get me wrong, I am a super hard worker, always have been. At times I have had as many as three jobs at once and carried a full load of college courses.

Was I eating poorly? Yes.

Was the house clean? Laundry done? Eh...

Did I style my hair, wear lipstick, or even wash my face daily? HA!

I've really racked up quite the tab of domestic and ladylike failings. Yet here's the silliest thing. I thought that something magical would happen to me when I got married, like there would my fairy godmother would reveal herself and I would transform into a domestic goddess by first morning light. I'd be doing the dishes in heels, making meals with exotic ingredients, the house would always smells of fresh baked goods, all clothes would be ironed, every baseboard would be clean, and everything in between.


I've obviously been delivered back to reality by our recent hardships, hyperemesis, and you know, motherhood, but I still long to be able to juggle it all. My career, being a good mom and wife, and honing the skills of my inner Martha.

My job as a stylist requires these skills of me and I domesticate the heck out of people's parties. Why can I not consistently do this in Casa de Swain?

Well I can and I will. There will be blunders but by gosh I'm going to try. Welcome to my first official series on this blog, domesticating.

*Sidenote for my feminist sisters. I apologize if this doesn't sit well with you. I believe in our rights and lady power but I also value our feminine gifts and I feel I could do so much more with mine. This article, "It’s Okay to Be a Radical Domestic Goddess", pretty much sums up how I feel about the issue. I love my family and cooking and taking care of myself and our home makes me feel like I'm doing us all some good. It's really all about love people.

Oh I roasted vegetables in the Le Creuset tonight! Owned.




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